Black History Month Celebration

On February 22nd, 2024, we will celebrate Black History Month with a program and performances by our MDR students.
With the rain and closure of the MPR we've had to pivot - this year we will Zoom our performance from our black box theater during period 5. Below you can find the time our program will air, our program, participants, the supporting staff members and the Zoom link for you to join.
Theme:  “Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present & Inspiring the Future” 
Time: 11:54 - 12:42pm (Period 5)
Black National Anthem (Kayla Hagan & Bailey Muse. Sponsors: Ms. Douglas and Ms. Hill)
Art: Black Artists/Architects in LA (Darrell Jones Jr & Classmates. Instructor: Ms.Carlisle )
Theater: Musical Poems (Raphael Carter and Kae-Bee Jackson-Luque. Instructor: Ms. Bishoppetty)
Music: MDR Jazz Performance (Liliana Alem, Smantha Arenas, Mari Cooper, Ligeyri Cuellar, Robin Davis, Jimmy Delgado, Liliana Fletes, Jessica Hoang, Renee Smith, Kaitlyn Vasquez, Roberto Aragon, Jordan Sherrod, Melissa Flores, Sarah Portillo, Vincent Cisneros, Santigo, Navia, Jesus Garcia, Nicolas Cortes, Renee Smith. Instructor: Mr. Martinez)
Dance Team:(Kailyn T., Jaecyn S., Lisa R., Idman M., Kathleen N., Naavi T., Faith C., Maddison A.,Sponsor: Ms. Samba)
MDR Steppers: (Parris H , Rayneia DeLeon, Deja Hollins-Williams, Jaiden H Sponsor: Ms. Douglas)
Black Lives Matter Skit (Performed by MDR BSU, Written and Directed by Ms. Hill)
Betina Love: "Most Searched"
*Stage Crew Lead: Serenity G *