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Dress Code

Dress Code

Tops: All shirts and blouses must be white or navy blue and have a collar. Shirts and blouses must fit properly and cover midriff and chest.


Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Skorts: All pants/shorts must be navy blue. Navy blue dress pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, or corduroys. (Sweatpants and pajama pants are not acceptable.) Pants/Shorts must be fitted at waist, crotch and length. Do not wear oversized clothing (larger than one size above fitted size).


Dresses/Skirts/Jumpers: All dresses/skirts/jumpers must be navy blue; skirts or dresses are acceptable.


Jackets/Outerwear: All Jackets and outerwear (sweatshirts and sweaters) must be plain and either solid navy blue, black, gray, white, or denim. Do not wear jackets or outerwear to cover tops which are in violation of the uniform policy. 

Spirit Wear